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If you are still homeschooling in the DFW area, we have a Facebook group you can join. You can find us under the group name DFW Homeschool Cafe (Network & Meetup). You have to log into facebook to use the direct link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/488790851319302/
DFW Homeschool Cafe
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Post by Admin on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:00 am

We ask that you are respectful of all other members and their families online. Families may consist of people from diverse backgrounds, faith, religion, race, nationalities, etc. Keep in mind our main goal is to help and support each other in our homeschool journey. Although our approach may be different, we all share the same goal--TO PREPARE OUR CHILDREN FOR LIFE.

No Spamming!

Please do not post about your business and/or PM members unsolicited comments about your business.

Please do not post the same message on different boards. This will be considered Spamming.

Arrow Business & Blog Websites Board

Members with at least 25 post, may post their business website and/or blog under the Business & Blog Websites board.

*Note: Any offers or updates about your website should be posted under your original website post.

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Members with at least 12 post, may post only their Homeschool Blog, and other non-business information under their signature.

*Note: You may post your website (Business or Educational) under your profile in the Contact Field section.

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Members with at least 5 post may PM members.


Active Members

Upon joining our forum, we ask that you become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT. Please understand that DFW Homeschool Cafe’s goal is to have an active online community.

Who is considered an Active Member?

Members who post at least twice a month are considered active members. We understand that your schedule may prevent you from posting at times. If you are not able to post at least twice a month, please let me know by PM (Need at least 5 post to PM).

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