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Principal Reprimanded For Comments To AA Students

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Principal Reprimanded For Comments To AA Students Empty Principal Reprimanded For Comments To AA Students

Post by Shawanna W on Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:48 pm

MARSHALL, Tx -- The principal at an East Texas middle school has been reprimanded for comments he made to African American students.

On February 28, Price T. Young Middle School principal David Segers used the school's intercom to call every African American male student to the cafeteria.

The meeting was to discuss student performance on a state standardized test.

Some parents, including Demetria McFarland, say the group was blamed for the school's test scores not being higher.

"They were told that they were the reason that Price T. Young was not passing the TAKS test," said McFarland.

"To me it was knocking down their self esteem. I don't see the motivation behind calling out all African American boys to be singled out."

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