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Outrage After School Tells Mom Her Child’s Lunch Is Unhealthy and Unacceptable

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Outrage After School Tells Mom Her Child’s Lunch Is Unhealthy and Unacceptable

Post by Shawanna W on Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:14 am

A mother is outraged after school officials told her 4-year-old daughter that her home-packed lunch was not healthy enough to eat. What was so unhealthy about her lunch? Trace Gallagher reported that a lunch inspector at the school told the girl she couldn’t eat her turkey sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice. Instead, providing the girl with a USDA-approved lunch with the following guidelines: one serving of meat, one serving of grains, and two servings of fruit or vegetables.

When the girl returned home from school, her unopened lunch contained a note from the school saying that her lunch didn’t meet the guidelines and a $1.25 bill for the replacement lunch.

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What nerve!!! This is just another example of how the government is trying to take parents rights away. Then they had the nerve to send a bill home when the child's mother had already provided a healthy lunch for the child.
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