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Neighbors Earn - Home Schoolers Get Harassed

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Neighbors Earn - Home Schoolers Get Harassed

Post by Jernice on Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:07 pm

Neighbors Earn - Home Schoolers Get Harassed

The Mansfield and Arlington Independent School Districts have launched a new program in conjunction with “Crime Stoppers.” What is this new program to stop crime? It is the “You Earn, They Learn, Stop Truancy” plan to “utilize a reward system for trying to combat truancy.”

The idea is really simple. In fact, it sounds like something Adolf Hitler may have used. Neighbors should be on the lookout for children who are not in school and when they see school-age children who may not be in school, they are encouraged to call Tarrant County “Crime Stoppers” and give them the address of the children. “Crime Stoppers” will then call the school district, which will investigate, and if the child is truant, the government informer will get $20. But wait, there is more; if the child has been truant for “several days,” the informant gets $40.

Read More http://www.rightintexas.com/2011/08/neighbors-earn-home-schoolers-get.html

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Re: Neighbors Earn - Home Schoolers Get Harassed

Post by Shawanna W on Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:06 pm

I'm just shaking my head at this. scratch
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